Beast of the Week: DaQuan Jones

"My dad is my role model and inspiration."

DaQuan Jones @dqj_90 is a defensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans. He possesses a beastly combo of size, speed, smarts and power, and was a leader at Penn State during a time of turmoil for the school. Beast lobbed him a few questions in between reps:

Did you play any other sports growing up?


Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

My dad is my role model and inspiration.

What is your favorite part about playing for the Titans?

Favorite part about playing with the titans is being in Tennessee and playing with a close group of guys.

What is your gameday ritual?

I'm one of the first ones to arrive at the stadium. I get into the hot tub, then stretch, then listen to smoothing music up until the game.

Are you superstitious?

Oh yeah

What is your favorite post game meal?