Beast of the Week: Erik Engstrom

We’ve had our eye on Erik Engström for a while. Also known as The American Swede, his Instagram and website capture sun-drenched travel destinations and a timeless taste in premium fashion.

The American Swede

Erik’s fresh-scrubbed, Minnesotan take on masculinity makes us want to hike near a fjord, or befriend a moose—while wearing very well made and exquisitely tailored clothes, obviously.

Speaking of fresh scrubbed, we were happy to share some Yawp Face Wash and Sandpaper Bar Soap with Erik and get his reaction.

 Sandpaper Scrub Bar Soap with Beast Blue Scent by Tame the Beast

 Yawp Face Wash

Thanks for being our Beast of the Week, Erik!

Read Erik’s blog post:

Extreme Yawp in River with American Swede



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