Beast of the Week: Golfer Steven Fox

Steven Fox is an American professional golfer who won the 2012 U.S. Amateur. Recently, a bottle of Tame the Beast® served as caddie on the links and teed up a few questions along the way:

How young were you when you started golfing?

I was two years old when I started

When you play 4 days of 18 holes what do you drink/eat on the course to stay energized?

Most often, I eat Cliff Bars and almonds to stay energized, they taste great and fit easily into my golf bag.

What's your favorite course to play?

Augusta National of course! I played in the Masters as the 2012 US Amateur Champion and also the Cherry Hills Country Club, where I won the US Amateur.

Have you ever put a golf cart in a canal? (founder of Tame the Beast® did)

No, I haven't but would love hear how the founder of Tame the Beast did that or photos if you have them, LOL!

Drive for show, put for dough. True or False?

False. Putting is of course important but great driving of the golf ball puts you in positions to attack the hole and not trying to recover right away.

Steven Fox Golf Backswing with Tame the Beast Bottle serving as caddie



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