Beast of the Week: Water Skier Joaquin Angulo
How did you get started waterskiing?
I always loved sports. Sports are my passion and my love, and the ones I excelled at were waterskiing and track. I sadly had a big accident and I broke my hip. After that, I was never able to run as fast as before. I was sad at first, but then I embraced what happened and after that I chose to continue with waterskiing, in which my skills were still at a 100% and I loved this sport too.
What’s your favorite part about waterskiing?
My favorite events are jump and slalom. Jump is amazing. Being in the air for that period of time is a sensation that you can not feel in anything else. Even when you are upside down, you still have time to think about the crash you are about to have. The other thing I like the most is slalom, which I'm better at. Slalom is more about speed in which the skier reaches velocities of about 60mph. This event is the one I compete the most in and is the one in which I represent my country.
How do you maintain a healthy appearance?
By taking care of my body and having a diverse diet. I feel like most things are going to give me something good so the more variety, the better and stronger my body gets.
Do you have a morning grooming routine?
I basically have two, a general one, which is a more active routine. I jog, jump, basically move more and try to get warmed up. The other one is one in which I stretch a lot for like 10 minutes without moving and try mostly to stretch the joints and ligaments I've injured in the past.
What’s one thing you can’t start your day without? 
Positivity. Trying my best everyday and having a great mind vision is important because that is 60% or more of what an athlete needs to succeed. On the physical side, I can't start my day without a ride either on a bike or on a longboard.
Who's your biggest inspiration?
As an athlete, my biggest role model is Cristiano Ronaldo. I'm not even a fan of him but how he managed to believe in himself and always strive towards greatness without having the greatest challenge and using mostly hard work is something I admire a lot, and also something that showed me that everything is possible. As a person, I admire my dad a lot. He is not even an athlete, but when he was younger, he managed to make a living for his whole family and also for us. There are also some personal things that I like to keep to myself that I admire a lot about him.



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