Beast of the Week: Reza Jackson

"I don't like to stick to a certain genre and I'm always open to new things. I'm not afraid to be radical here and there."

Reza Jackson is a man with a keen eye for fashion. You can find him walking the streets of Toronto sporting the latest trends in men's fashion with impeccably styled hair and a cup of coffee in hand. Needless to say, this guy's a badass and we can definitely learn something from him. Check out his interview to find out more about how Reza maintains his beastly lifestyle.


Where do you get your inspiration for your style?
I get inspired by everyone around me; from random people on the street to Justin Bieber. I pride myself in being able to combine different styles to ultimately making it my own. I don't like to stick to a certain genre and I'm always open to new things. I'm not afraid to be radical here and there :)
What is your “must-have” accessory?
Brimmed Up Fedora. OR, rings.. rings are so money right now.
What do you do to stay in shape?
#1 is always diet. Other than trying to eat clean when I order out, I subscribe to a meal prep company, On The Run Meals, who deliver 12 meals a week for me (2 per day), which are all perfect in terms of calories, fat content, protein...etc. Furthermore, I always start my day with a bomb-ass shake: almond milk, oats, banana, almond butter, a scoop of protein and cinnamon. As per my activity, I do my best to weight training 4 days a week and I am starting to get cardio in there for the summer.
Do you have a morning grooming routine?
You bet your ass I do. This is actually an essential part of my day as it gives me my boost first thing in the morning. I start with walking my puppy then I come back, lay her food out and hit the shower. In the shower, I wash my beard, face, body and hair with products that are specific for each part.
Once I get out of the shower, after drying, I apply my face cream (which typically has a tanner). While my face dries, I brush my teeth. After that, I apply my beard balm and a cream in my hair (it's a solution that removes the frizz when you blow dry your hair). Next, I blow dry my hair into the desired look and then get dressed. Once dressed, I apply my hair product and cologne. BOOM. Ready to go baby.
What can’t you start your day without?
When did you first start getting into men’s fashion?
I've been into fashion since I could remember. I was that kid in elementary who had the brand name wallet and belt hahaha. However, I took men's fashion as an actual hobby about over a year ago.
What’s the one thing regular guys with a low level of interest in grooming should introduce into their routines immediately?
Face wash and cream. It's a game changer, gentlemen.
What's a big grooming splurge that's really worth it?
Facial products.
Would you go back to the man bun?
Lol. No. There's tons of other styles that are popping.
Photo Credit: Ivan Calderon Photography



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