Beast of the Week: Sean O'Connell

"I get paid to do the things a lot people work hard to do for fun. I am blessed and I try not to lose sight of that."

Sean O'Connell is a sport-talk radio host, UFC fighter and aspiring-author. He started his professional fighting career in 2007 and formerly competed for the Maximum Fighting Championship. He most recently competed in the UFC Light Heavyweight division. You can hear O'Connell (better known to listeners as OC) over the airwaves of ESPN 007 or find him actively working on several of his writing projects. His first novel, Hellbound/Heavensent, is currently on Amazon. Check out his interview below.

Sean O'Connell

What is the hardest part about being a UFC fighter?

The hardest part about being a UFC fighter is knowing that no matter how hard you train and how prepared you are, sometimes you just don't have a good day. It's not like other sports, where a bad few minutes in a basketball game or bad quarter in a football game just means you have to bounce back. A bad few seconds in a fight can mean the end of a fight or even the end of your career.


What’s your favorite part about your job as a sports-talk radio host?

My favorite part about my radio job is that it keeps me close to the sports I love and it's different every day. I get paid to do the things a lot people work hard to do for fun. I am blessed and I try not to lose sight of that.


What athlete do you admire the most?

I admire a lot of athletes, but I think my current favorite in the fight game is Max Holloway. He just shows up to fight and never forgets to rep where he comes from.


Where do you get your inspiration for your writing?

Most of the inspiration for my writing comes from the life and people around me. I create characters who are the combined personalities of different folks in my life. And of course I write fiction so a good deal of it comes from my weird imagination and random places.


What’s your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to work my way back to the top in the fight game and go out on my own terms. I also believe I belong in the world of UFC/MMA broadcasting and will eventually be one of the top names in that world. If I can add best-selling author to the list, life can't get much better.



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