Beast of the Week: Tyler Reddick

We recently sat down with Richard Childress Racing's Tyler Reddick. He's the current NASCAR Xfinity Series points leader and defending champ!

Here's the interview:

Beast: How did you get started racing?

Tyler: My family has always been around or involved with cars, so that had a huge influence on me at a young age. My parents worked at a dealership when I was growing up and my dad raced a little bit on the side on the weekends. My love for cars was what got me hooked on racing. My parents saw how much I latched on to cars and how much it caught my attention and helped me get started from there.

B: Did/do you have a mentor?

T: Growing up, I looked up to Scott Bloomquist a lot during my dirt racing days. These days, I watch a lot of Kevin Harvick’s film and study what he does in a race car. He’s really good almost everywhere we go, so I think I can learn a lot by watching him.

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B: What does masculinity mean to you?

T: I think to me, masculinity means in some shape or form really taking care of your body and taking that extra step to go beyond what the normal is and be different. Take care of yourself, whether that means keeping it clean or keeping it in the best shape possible. Other times, it’s about drinking beer and eating a lot of greasy food! It’s a balance between the two.

B: Why do you like Tame the Beast®?

T: I like Tame the Beast because they’re a very bold company that knows who they are and is proud of it. I think it matches my driving style, which can be pretty bold at times, so it makes sense to partner together. Not to mention, their products are great to use!

B: Do you have a favorite Tame the Beast product?

T: For me, it’s the Extreme Yawp All-in-1 Wash. I use it pretty much every day for my hair and body. I just think it does a great job on keeping everything clean. The menthol gives me a nice, little fresh feeling when I get out of the shower, which gets me ready to go for the day.

B: How important are grooming products for your professional success?

T: It's very important in racing to keep yourself as the best version of yourself as possible, whether that's keeping your hair in nice shape for a photoshoot or shaving your face and making sure it’s good to go for the track. It’s important to have a product from a brand you know won’t leave a rash or spots anywhere that could get irritated with a helmet. Even keeping everything downstairs fresh throughout the day as it gets hot and sweaty in the race cars is important.

B: How do you stay in shape for racing?

T: A lot of people have different ways of staying in shape for racing. It’s more of what system works for you personally. For me, getting a good core workout in and working a lot on your physical endurance and conditioning in general is super important. I make sure to focus on a lot of the muscles that get used throughout the race to make sure I’m ready.

B: What’s your routine the day of a race?

T: My background was dirt racing so everything typically happened on the fly. So I don’t really have a routine other than how it normally goes with qualifying in the morning and then going into the race in the afternoon. I don’t do anything outside the normal routine of wake up, have a good shower, eat some breakfast, and get ready to go for the day.

B: What’s next for you? What are your professional goals?

T: Obviously for me, I’m looking this year to defend my NASCAR Xfinity Series championship. We’re off to a good start with that, but it’ll get tougher as the year goes on. Long term, of course I would want to eventually get into the Cup Series full-time, but for now my goal is defending that championship.

B: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of racing?

T: For me, it’s all about cars. When I’m not racing, I’m almost always working on my cars. I love getting in there and messing around. I like to rebuild cars, upgrade cars and so on. It really doesn’t matter what I’m doing, but that’s one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax away from the race track.

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