Beast of the Week: Vanessa Long Dance Company

What exercises make for powerful legs?

We love some deep lunges and squats for our legs. We also do jumps in different ballet positions to set those legs on fire and for our jumps to get even higher. Ballet is an amazing way to get powerful legs. Each exercise targets different muscles and pushes them to the limit if done correctly.

How about diet?

Mostly we like a high in protein diet. We are in rehearsals all day everyday and need that energy only protein can give. We get protein through meats, protein powder, and plant based protein power for our vegetarians. We also eat lots of green things, spinach being our favorite.

What does a great dancer eat?

Protein, veggies, and ice cream. The ice cream makes us happy, a happy dancer is a great dancer.

What are some VLDC-approved exercises for the shower?

We like to take a shower after a tough rehearsal. The warm water helps our muscles relax so we like to do stretches in the shower. One of our favorites is stretching down to touch the floor so that the water massages our lumbar spine. Another we like to do is put one leg up on the shower wall and stretch out our hamstrings.

How did Vanessa Long Dance Company get started?

We were founded in 2014 with the intent of combining theater and dance to create work about social and political issues we face in everyday life. After auditions we found the perfect nine dancers to start the company some of which are still with us today. Since our founding we have performed all over the world including Peru and we are headed to Italy in August!

What is better than dancing?

Nothing. Maybe Ice Cream.

Vanessa Long Dance Company High Flyer



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