A New Powder to Soothe Your Stickiest Bits

“Pardon me while I powder my bros.”

Sweaty season is here, and your nutts are the moist canaries in the coal mine of your pants. If you’re not into reenacting Alec Baldwin’s “Schwetty Balls” sketch from SNL, you need Beast Blue Ball & Body Powder (or B4P, when you’re in a hurry).

The talc-free, cooling formula quickly absorbs moisture and protects your tender dumplings from friction and irritation. The Beast Blue™ scent, cucumber, green tea and hemp seed oil formula offers just a touch of tingle to give you the feeling of a cool breeze where the sun don’t shine.

Use before or after a workout to prevent chafing and keep your biscuits comfy. The 4-ounce size is handy for tossing in your gym bag, carry on or backpack.

B4P can also be used on your feet, your butt, back, or anyplace that gets sticky and irritated in the heat.