Dinner Date Video with Nutt Butter Edibles

Introducing Daring Care with Nutt Butter™ Edibles from TAME the BEAST®

Never a brand to play it safe, and in celebration of the budding area of daring care, Beast Productions is pleased to announce the first of we hope many videos going down on the subject. The following was shot at The Fairlane Hotel in Nashville. We hope you enjoy:

 Who is the star of the show? 


Erik with Tame the Beast


Julianne with Tame the Beast

Uncle Jay:

Jay with Tame the Beast

Michael G behind the camera:

Michael G behind the Camera with Tame the Beast

...or, the unexpected star, Jonathan the waiter:

Jonathan the Waiter with Tame the Beast

Butter up!

Nutt Butter Edibles by Tame the Beast

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