End of Movember: Let's Shave Right

Hey you made it! It’s almost December and you are sporting anywhere from a thick follicle forest of a beard to a pea patch of confused scruff. Either way, if you have chosen to get rid of it (or threatened by your partner or mother), you need to prep your skin for it’s first blade in 30 days.

One: Time it right

Your skin may get a little grumpy after being wrapped in a blanket all month. So, you might want to plan your shave for a Friday evening so it has time to recoup before a Monday meeting. Likewise, if you have a Saturday Holiday party to go to, tackle this task on Thursday night. Luckily changes in skin tone aren’t as prevalent this time of year, so unless you live in an unusual sunny climate (or secretly sneak off to the tanning salon), you shouldn’t see much variation underneath.


Two: Go in Stages

Depending on how long your face scarf got, you may want to buzz it down with your sideburn trimmer first, then shave the next morning. Also, if you don’t have a sideburn trimmer, please slap yourself in the face and buy one now. Sharp scissors can be used in a pinch, but you are going to look like a balding Poodle for 12 hours. Up to you.


Three: Prep your Skin!

This is a vital step. You need to soften those whiskers before shaving. This removes friction and in turn helps reduce irritation, especially on the neck. Use a pre-shave oil, and / or steam your face.  Pour boiling water over a clean towel, cool till comfortable to the touch, then wrap it over your face and lay on the couch for 3-5 minutes. Obviously if it burns you, take it off and don’t even think of holding us liable. Now it’s shave time.


Four: Duh.

We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but use a fresh damn blade and some shaving cream.


Five: Don't Overlook Aftercare

After rinsing clean, give your skin a few minutes to breathe in the icy winter air, then moisturize. Yes, men need to do this too. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something non-oily and not full of crap. Also, prepare for the potential in-grown. Having a glycolic acid formula and some tweezers on hand can help spot treat anything that might look angry.