Happenings in the Land of the Beast

Olympic Luger Chris Mazdzer hit us with another photo from his epic ice photoshoot.

The incomparable Will and Mango --


from the How Stuff Works podcast Part-Time Genius graced us with a read on Tame the Beast® -- and we reenacted the recommend morning podcast listening activity:

Beast had a videoshoot in NashVegas. Next level stuff. Stay tuned...



John Finocchio

What a great ethos for a men’s grooming products line ! I approve heartily, and will put my $$$ where my mouth is, so to speak, by ordering some product. Going to begin with the beard/body wash. Let’s see if the inner beast in me will quietly growl his approbation, too…going to turn the world into well- groomed beast- lovers, one bearded man at a time.

James. Lloyd

Great products!!

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