Happy Movember! The 5 Products You Need

The 5 Products You Need on Hand When You Start Growing a Mustache

Happy Movember!

Many guys will be cultivating mustaches and fundraising this month as a show of solidarity and support for men’s health, including testicular and prostate cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Banana and Peaches for Men's Testicles by Tame the Beast

Beast hopes you’re making those doctor’s appointments you’ve been putting off, and just generally taking good care of yourself.

Mens Bowling Balls

But, if you’re growing a mustache this month, spare a thought for the person or people on the receiving end of your itchy, prickly new lip warmer. Chafing is no fun, whether it’s on your mouth or an even more delicate fleshy locale.

No Chafing

To ease discomfort—yours and theirs—during this growing-in phase, we recommend our top 5 products that soften whiskers, soothe skin, or make a little bit of chafed skin totally worth it.

1. Beast Butter Whole Body Shave Cream. Soften hair, prevent ingrown hairs and fight razor burn. Good for shaving anything.

Beast Butter Shaving Shave Cream

2. Beast Butter Face Lotion. A light, non-greasy lotion that soaks in quickly and soothes skin. Will make people touch and smell your face.

Beast Butter Face Lotion for Men's Skin

3. Beard Moisture Balm. A leave-in conditioner that leaves facial and other hair feeling silky. 

Beard Moisturizing Balm for Men

4. Organic Beard Oil. A healthy blend of USDA certified 100% organic essential oils that minimizes flaky skin and softens hair.

USDA Organic Beard Oil

5. Nutt Butters. Anti-chafing, pro-happiness lotions and gels for manly bits appreciated and approved by admirers.

Before you zip Nutt Butter dip

New to the product line? Get the easy intro with one of our BBC (Back Balls & Chest) Starter + Travel Sets:


 Groom Boldly with Tame the Beast


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Newer to Beast products. Started second Beast body wash and first time using nut butter.
All is good! :-)
I appreciate the research efforts made the Beast team regarding the ingredients along with skin and body benefits by using your products!
cheers – Jeff

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