How to Be Cool

Polar bear plunge? Sounds nice, in theory. Bracing! Invigorating! But also maybe shrivelingly, bone achingly frigid in a way you'll never quite forget.

Look, just because something makes you happy to be alive doesn't mean it's likely to be a good time. Most activities that cause you to come face to face with your own mortality are quite unpleasant, as a rule.

Here's a much more pleasant way to chill out. Check out our new Beast Blue Cooling Body Wash. Caffeine, green tea, ginseng, vitamin B and menthol unite to wake you up in the morning or cool you down after a workout. 

Beast would never make you ponder the frailty of existence. We're here to pump you up and cheer you on. To make you feel good and smell good. And to keep you cool—the good kind of cool