Stop Using Boy's Soap To Do A Beast's Job

From the talented writers at The Hustle

"Must’ve been a full moon last night…

Brad thought, waking up in bed with mysterious scratches all over his body. Not again...

See, Brad has a condition. Every full moon, he turns into a beast, tearing through downtown in a Wolverine-style craze.

It also happens at half moon. Well, actually every weekend… Ok maybe he’s not a literal beast, but a party animal at the least.

And not only are last night’s Snap stories of Brad ravaging the dance floor approaching Bigfoot levels of notoriety, after 8 hours of beast mode, his skin is a mess.

Turns out it’s not just music that tames the savage beast

It’s green tea and eucalyptus – the ingredients in Tame the Beast’s most popular beard, hair, and body wash.

Tame the Beast’s grooming products for men open up your pores and lungs, so you can attack your day with raw, animal magnetism, even after an all-night rampage.

Stop using boy’s soap to do a beast’s job."