Stop Your Chafing: Nutt Butter™ is Here!

Nutt Butter™ Lotion for Men by TAME the BEAST®

Introducing Nutt Butter™ - The first ever, lotion for your boys

What people are saying:

  • "Too provocative." - Maxim editors, in rejecting a Nutt Butter™ ad
  • "Beast broke capitalism." - Random Facebook User
  • "Better than Bitcoin!" - Guy who didn't invest early in Bitcoin

Be the first to experience the Nutt Butter™ sensation

It's a blend that checks all the boxes: Anti-Aging, Anti-Shriveling, Anti-Chafing, Anti-Dryness, Anti-Sagging, yet Botanically Bountiful.

Nutt Butter: Natural Scent plus Pure Botanicals

Nutt Butter is an experience, something that relaxes, revitalizes and awakens. It's truly a multipurpose product for your entire body. Every time you use it, you will get that nice, exhilarating tingle -- the perfect way to reward yourself for being adult AF. 

Nutt Butter™ is new to the TAME the BEAST® arousing and energizing men's grooming product lineup

Where to apply: on your BBC's (Balls, Back & Chest). That's right! Nutt Butter™ is a premium skin & body spread that's not just for nutts!

Go Balls Deep in Nutt Butter™ by TAME the BEAST®

Go Get Some Now!

Where not to apply: External Use Only! While Nutt Butter can be used on the entire body, it must be kept out of eyes, mouth and orifices.


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I absolutely love and am addicted to this product. Two days after my first order arrived I ordered more so that I will not run out! Incredible!

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