The 9 Manliest Alcoholic Drinks of All Time

It’s time to man up and put some hair on your chest. So grab yourself a meaty burger and check out the 9 manliest drinks of all time.



There’s no doubt that beer and whiskey are two of the manliest drinks out there. For an easy and manly go-to, drop 1 oz. of your favorite rye whiskey or bourbon directly into a half-filled pint glass of stout beer, and let 'er rip! You’re sure to fit in with a bunch of burly lumberjacks with this adult beverage.


1 oz. Rye Whiskey

½ pint Stout Beer

Spicy Sandstorm

Some men like it HOT! There are a number of manly drinks that incorporate the testosterone-boosting flavor of Tabasco sauce, but the Spicy Sandstorm is perhaps the most macho. Any man who can gulp these 4 ingredients down without it coming right back up wins major points (and, who knows, maybe even Beast Bucks™).

1 oz. Scotch

1 oz. Gin

A Splash (the more the manlier) of Tabasco

Pinch of ground pepper

Whiskey - Straight

This one grows chest hair just reading about it. Looks at your chest - see that new hair? Whiskey neat or on the rocks. Not much more needs to be said about this flagship yawp-inducing beverage.

Whiskey 1+ Oz.




Nothing is more guaranteed to garner an approving nod from a bartender than a good ol’ Old-Fashioned. And, yeah, it's ok to garnish this drink with a lemon peel, maraschino cherry, or an orange slice.

1 Sugar cube

3 Dashes of Angostura bitters

1 Tablespoon of club soda

2 Oz. bourbon whiskey

1 Lemon peel



A classic in its own right, this drink commands respect! You’ll feel high T confidence holding this bold but sweet drink. The Manhattan is one of the few cocktails to make it out of the dark days of Prohibition in its original form. That right there makes it one tough drink. (Garnish, optional.)

2 oz. Rye whiskey

½ oz. Sweet vermouth

2-3 Dashes of Angostura bitters

1 Maraschino cherry



For the wiseguys out there. Most likely associated with Marlon Brando, this automatically qualifies it as one of the most-feared drinks on the list.

1 ½ Oz. Scotch whisky

¾ Oz. Amaretto


Rusty Nail

For a drink that’s as tough as a pair of old boots, the Rusty Nail does it right. According to legend, the Scots would stir this drink with a rusty nail. Maybe skip the nail and take a drink-in-hand-Yawp shower instead.

1 ½ Oz. Scotch Whisky

¾ Oz. Drambuie


Whiskey Smash

Obviously this one had to make the list. You’re guaranteed a good time when you’re drinking something that starts with whiskey and ends with smash. Also known as the mojito for men, this one is guaranteed to get you “smashed” in of course the classiest of ways.

1-2 Oz. Whiskey or Bourbon

Pinch of sugar

A splash of water

2 sprigs of mint



Real men drink beer. Just make sure it’s not poured down, beer bong, low cal., watered down, sorry excuse for a beer beers that's best served lukewarm when you’re still underage.

Acceptable Beers:


Craft Beer



If none of the above suffice, just get a shot.



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