Got Tingle? Nutt Butter™ EXTREME is Here!

With the launch of the original Nutt Butter™ - the first ever multipurpose lotion for men's boys featuring an exhilarating eucalyptus tingle - more men than ever discovered better living through buttered nutts.

Jay Wilkison with Tame the Beast Nutt Butter is Happy

And yet, a small but vocal segment of adventurous customers emerged demanding even more intensity.

Jay Wilkison with Tame the Beast Nutt Butter Baguette and Bread Face

With this product, Nutt Butter™ Extreme with Menthol - BEAST® delivers!

Gentlemen, prepare your boys for a tingly awakening from the upper deck:

Nutt Butter EXTREME by Tame the Beast

WHERE TO APPLY: As with the original formula, Nutt Butter™ Extreme goes on men's BBC's - Balls, Back & Chest. That is, wherever skin craves a botanically bountiful, menthol-rich reward for being adult AF.

Before you zip Nutt Butter dip

Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and other... overly sensitive spots. Do not eat. At over 69,000 Beast Tingle Units (BTU's), we recommend a small patch test before getting TOO extreme with this, the ultimate invigorating sack attack!

Jay Wilkison with Tame the Beast Rooftop Barbaric Yawp

Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors and dyes, paraffin, gluten, and dea/tea.

Jay Wilkison with Tame the Beast Nutt Butter Testimonials Reviews Testemonials

Cruelty free (no beasts were harmed in the making of this product).

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