Nutt Butter 101: A Primer on the Beastly Butters

What is Nutt Butter™?

Once upon a time, men's balls had that… not-so-fresh feeling. They were chafing. Rubbing.

Keeping us from being our best selves. 

Fruit representative of men's cohones balls boys

But the BEAST changed all that.

With Nutt Butter™, men traded discomfort for cool, supple, tingly delight. For Today’s Man, the only question is:

Which Nutt Butter™ is right for you?

Original Nutt Butter™:

Anti-Chafing Nutt Butter Men's Lotion

With organic ingredients including jojoba, aloe, comfrey root, calendula, chamomile, shea, cocoa, mango, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, and vitamin E, the original Nutt Butter™ delivers a creamy anti-chafe formula with a clean, botanical scent and a Eucalyptus tingle that’s a nice little reward for being an adult.

Nutt Butter™ Extreme:

Extreme Nutt Butter Tingle Tingly Lotion 

For the man who loves an intense sensation, it’s time to nutt up with Nutt Butter™ Extreme. Packing more than 69,000 BTUs (Beast Tingle Units), Nutt Butter™ Extreme adds menthol and cocoa to the original eucalyptus formula. Warning: Using Nutt Butter™ Extreme may cause you to levitate if you sit criss-cross-applesauce.

Nutt Butter™ Edibles:

Nutt Butter Edibles All Natural Organic Aloe Skin Care Lotions for Men's Balls

Why should you have all the fun? Nutt Butter™ Edibles are for sharing between affectionate friends. In decadent flavors including Peppermintini, Aloe Fresca, and Manuka Honey, Nutt Butter™ Edibles put the “man” in “romance,” but are pH-balanced to play nicely with anyone’s Down There.

Look: In the end, why choose? It would not be weird for you to buy every variety of Nutt Butter™. It’s called self-care. When you find something that makes you feel good and tingly and a little bit like you’re breathing through your nards, you make it your business to keep it on hand.

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