The Boys Need Love? Nutt Butter Edibles are Here!

Michael and George were in a rut.

Couch Rut

Uncle Jay was concerned.

Uncle Jay Looking Concerned

But he knew what to do.

Jay giving knowing look

He ordered up Nutt Butter Edibles for the boys.

Jay ordering product for the gentlement

Jonathan the Waiter snaps into service!

Waiter bringing peppermintini flavor

(Great hair, Jonathan.)

Waiter with great hair

Look from Jay

Michael is interested and reaches for the NBE's...

Michael reaching for Nutt Butter Edibles by Tame the Beast

Is George into it?

Mens Nutt Butter Edibles by Tame the Beast

Yes, George is into it!

Michael is happy!

George is happy!

Uncle Jay is happy!

Jay Michael and George are all happy with Nutt Butter Edibles by Tame the Beast

#loveyourboys #dessertsonyou #tamethebeast

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Nutt Butter Edibles by Tame the Beast



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Joe Rogowski

Received my first order on Saturday, was surprised how fast it came. I was so anxious to try out the products
I showerd Sunday morning and could not believe the tingling sensation all over my body. I felt so clean afterwards.
I toweled off and applied the nut butter on my tools and felt this awesome sensation.
My balls hung low most of the day. Usually tight in my briefs.
Should have got these products long time ago

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