Beast Body Spray with Pheromones

Your Newest Unfair Advantage: Beast Body Spray with Pheromones

“Working on a sex farm
Trying to raise some hard love
Getting out my pitch fork
And poking your hay.”

- Spinal Tap, “Sex Farm”

You’re already sexy. As. Helllll. But why not tip the odds ever so slightly more in your favor? We’ve got a new way to make sure the object of your affection picks up what you’re putting down.

New Beast Body Spray with Pheromones is your 2-oz. wing man, three different ways:

1. This fast-absorbing, ultra-light body spray mists you with just enough Beast BlueTM scent—with notes of Juniper, Citrus, Eucalyptus and a hint of Musk of the Beast—to make the apple of your eye want to get closer. Grown-ass men know: Nobody will come hither if you’ve created a cologne zone with a 10-foot diameter. Beast Body Spray with Pheromones doesn’t follow you around like a dark cloud; it teases, tantalizes, and makes otherwise upstanding citizens suddenly start wondering what the skin behind your ear tastes like.

2. Pheromones are thought to amplify your natural sex appeal by mimicking the sex hormones humans naturally produce. Pheromones are odorless, but studies have shown that they can be unconsciously sensed and make us more attractive to other people. The pheromones in Beast Body Spray are sourced from plants (possibly on a sex farm, but no promises) and increase the production of your own pheromones.

3. Smelling good and rocking a little extra in the ol’ pheromone department is sure to boost your confidence—and in the end, that’s what people respond to most of all. Take Beast Body Spray anyplace and consider it your liquid pep talk. You got this, you gorgeous Beast.

Like all Tame the Beast products, Beast Body Spray with Pheromones is absolutely brimming with 100% non-toxic masculinity. No beasts were harmed in its creation.