John Cascarano

Entrepreneur John Cascarano has a passion for creating and launching brands that make a statement and reflect his sense of humor. Born in Deerfield Beach, Florida, he received his Bachelor's degree at Duke University, where he became co-founder of Mental Floss, Inc., and later went on to law school at the University of Michigan. Changing fields, John moved on to build the online beauty product retailer Lock & Mane. Within five short years, he built Lock & Mane to nearly an eight-figure company annually. Cascarano also served as E-Commerce Director for ABLE, a women’s apparel and accessories retailer based in Nashville with an inspiring social mission focused on ending generational poverty; he helped triple the company’s online revenue in twelve months.

John’s time and experience in the beauty and personal care industry sparked his notion for men’s personal care potions and the product line for men. Contemplating the lifestyles of the men of our current generation, from the Millennials, Baby Boomers, professionals or blue collar, Cascarano’s vision was to create a respite—a solace where men can truly be at ease, relax and regenerate. The concept for TAME the BEAST® was born to “enhance man’s identity!”

Jay Wilkison

Jay Wilkison is the former Director of Wholesale of premium jeans brand imogene + willie. He is also an actor appearing on shows such as Younger, Nashville, Law & Order, Rent on Broadway and more.

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