A Giant Step for Soapkind: New Bar Soap for Everyone

The ancient Sumerians used soap as far back as 3000 BCE*. They discovered that boiling the ashes from the cooking fire brought out something remarkable that, mixed with animal fat, got grease and dirt off of whatever it was ancient Sumerians got messy.

People have been working on the formula for soap ever since. Use too little lye (the chemical result of boiling the ashes) and the result was unusable. Use too much and you burn the heck out of your skin

Not to mention the smell. Think about it: There was a time when the best you could hope to smell like was ashes and fat. 

Thankfully, our options today are a lot more varied. But if you're lathering up with store-bought, big-brand soaps, chances are good that you're still rubbing animal fat on yourself—only now it's artificially scented to smell like a field of flowers.

All this is a roundabout way of saying BOO to chemical fakery and animal cruelty and YAY to Beast's newest bar soap, Soap for Everyone

Like all our soaps, Soap for Everyone is vegan and cruelty free, made with Rainforest Alliance Certified organic palm oil from the #1 rated sustainable supplier (so rather than contributing to deforestation, it supports sustainability and local economies). We also use all-natural fragrances and other good oils like olive, almond and coconut. 

We named this one Soap for Everyone because its extremely gentle formula and light citrus scent make it ideal for wee Beasties as well as grown-up Beasts. 

Kind soap—kind to the environment, kind to your skin, kind to animals—for all soapkind. Try it out today.

Get yours.

 * (Ancient Romans, by the way, seem to have preferred to bathe using essential oils and sand to scrub themselves clean. They would have loved Beast Body Scrub, if we do say so ourselves.)