We’re dedicated to being planet-, animal- and skin-friendly in ways that are growing as we grow. We believe everybody should feel good in their skin—literally and figuratively.

Organic Botanicals Rainforest Alliance Certified 1% For The Planet Cruelty-Free

Here’s why you can feel great about treating yourself to Beast products:

Organic Ingredients (Most of the Time)

Our products are packed with good things from the earth—organic botanicals selected for their skin-comforting qualities and scents. We choose to use organic, all-natural ingredients most of the time because it guarantees plants are grown in a sustainable, healthy way.

Why just "most of the time?" Look. Keep this under your hat, but sometimes, synthetic products just get the job done better. We believe that if our products don't work the way they should, you won't use them. If we can be better than everybody else on the market by using mostly organic ingredients, then more people will buy our mostly organic products, and the impact on the environment will be better than if we used inferior organic ingredients that nobody bought.
When we do use an ingredient that doesn't qualify as all natural, we refer to the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database and limit our usage to concentrations that qualify for EWG's best rating. 

Sustainable Practices

We only use Rainforest Alliance certified organic palm oil from the #1 rated sustainable supplier (so rather than contributing to deforestation, it supports sustainability and local economies).

And we are members of 1% for the Planet, a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. 

A membership in 1% for the Planet means we're committed to donating 1% of our total sales to organizations that help protect the environment. We do this through a combination of dollars, volunteer time, promotional support, and in-kind contributions.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

More than two hundred billion pounds of plastic are produced every year. But only about a third of that gets recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and the ocean. And that plastic is made from petroleum—keeping us dependent on oil and increasing the likelihood of environmental disasters.

But year after year, we work to improve our processes and make our packaging more sustainable, using less plastic. Our long-term goal is to go plastic free.

We created the Beast Bottle to help you cut down on plastic waste (and make your bathroom look cooler while you’re doing it). It’s an aluminum pump bottle that holds a 6-month supply of one of our all-in-one hair and body washes. You can reuse the Beast Bottle forever, and refills use considerably less plastic packaging than 6 months’ worth of typical shower products.

And our boxes are now SFI certified. That means we are helping to fight deforestation by making our boxes out of recycled content, using fiber from a certified forest, or following the strict standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which encourages responsible forestry practices.

U.S. Production

Although we source our botanical ingredients from all over the world, we keep production right here in the United States. That way we can be sure workers are paid a fair wage and facilities are up to our quality standards.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Products

We've been certified cruelty-free and earned the Leaping Bunny logo from the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. That means we guarantee that:

  • animal testing is not done during any stage of product development,
  • our suppliers have taken the same pledge,
  • and independent outside auditors can confirm that we're telling the truth.

We use only vegan ingredients. So although you'll still find animal fat in many big-name soaps, you can lather up with Beast knowing you’re being kind not only to your extremely lovable bod, but also to all the creatures that share this planet with you.

The Goal: Continuous Improvement

Like you, we're always striving to get better at what we do. For us, that means reducing plastics, chemicals and waste wherever we can, while still making products people love to use. Every year, we set new goals for ourselves, and every year, we do a little better than the year before.

We're also incredibly grateful for feedback that makes us better. Send us ideas for improving our products, packaging or customer service to support. Thanks!