Know Your Beast: A Scent Cheat Sheet

Often tingly, always invigorating, Beast's botanically sourced scents wake you up and make you want to sniff yourself. But with four main scent families to choose from, how do you choose? 

Read on for a primer on Beast's bestsmellers. 


Yawp: This is the original, tingle-riffic Beast scent. It's inspired by Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself, 52:" 

I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, 
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world. 

Literary! Yawp is ideal for athletic recovery or for standing on top of furniture yelling poetry.

Scent notes: eucalyptus + menthol + moringa + green tea + apple + guarana + grapefruit + orange + lemon + pomegranate + rosemary + sunflower + shea butter + sugarcane + lavender + mountaintop + animal roar + treetop breeze

Click here to sound your barbaric Yawp. 


Beast Blue: This, friends, is the scent you can feel. Beast Blue is a cool, crisp, calming presence. Some say it's great for hangover recovery. 

Scent notes: juniper + citrus + eucalyptus + arctic ice + a hint of Musk of the Beast

Dive into Beast Blue products here. 


Everyone: This light scent is doing some serious Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants magic here, because it fits literally everybody. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin or wee Beasties, but it's right at home on big, tough bodies, too.

Scent notes: light citrus + apple + green tea + orange + guarana + lemon + comfrey + ginseng + sugarcane + grapefruit + honey

Find out why everyone's ordering Everyone. 


Beast Gold: This is our most complex, sophisticated scent. Silky smooth Beast Gold is the warm smell of quiet confidence. 

Scent notes: lemon zest + herbs + matcha tea + peppercorn + oakmoss + musk + a hint of just-burnt tobacco leaves

Go for the Gold.

Can't decide? Don't worry. Our scent engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure perfect Smell Compatibility for all Beast products. Nose around and try all our scents to find your favorite.