5 Free Ways to Practice Self-Care (Plus One You Can Buy, From Us)

Read on for some easy ways to re-energize your mind (plus a product that can help, especially if you're wearing a mask 8+ hours a day at your job). 

1. Go for a walk in the woods. 

Taking in the sights, sounds, smells and even textures of the world around you during a hike has been shown to lower blood pressure and stress hormones, and may even boost immunity. 

2. Take a break from screens.

It's called "doom scrolling" and it's probably not helping your mental health. There's a lot going on in the world, but you don't have to think about it every minute. Call a friend. Do a jigsaw puzzle. Cook with your kid. 

3. Try PMR. 

Progressive muscle relaxation is a method for releasing tension from your body. It involves clenching all the muscles in one part of your body, then releasing the muscles and moving on to a different body part. Eventually you work through your entire body until you're all loosey-goosey. You may realize you've been holding tension in unexpected places. 

 4. Get moving. 

You don't have to emerge from the pandemic with a six pack, but physical activity can boost mental health and help you connect with other people, especially if you're feeling cooped up at home. Go for a physically distanced walk with a friend, or take up pickleball (have you tried it yet? So fun). 

5. Have a laugh.

When's the last time you had a true belly laugh? Laughter releases endorphins, stimulates circulation and relaxes you. With all the streaming platforms available, it shouldn't be hard to find a show that hits your funny bone. A few recommendations: 
Schitt's Creek (Netflix) 
I Think You Should Leave (Netflix) 
What We Do in the Shadows (Hulu)
A Black Lady Sketch Show (HBO)

Our Balancing Face Mask is also a really good way to refocus on yourself, take care of your skin, and force yourself to slow down (at least while you're waiting for it to dry and then rinsing it off). It has:

  • kaolin clay to reduce inflammation and absorb oil;
  • bakuchiol, a plant-based antioxidant that acts like a natural retinol to stimulate collagen turnover and fight the signs of aging;
  • activated charcoal, a super absorbent form of charcoal that soaks up dirt and impurities in the skin;
  • and lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that loosens dead skin cells to make your face can look more glowy. (Some lactic acid comes from milk, but ours is plant based.) 

 You can't buy happiness, but honestly you kind of can buy relaxation.