Hand Wash Dispensers: The New Status Symbol?

Staying safe means washing your hands over... and over... and over again. You may as well have a cool soap dispenser, since you spend so much dang time looking at it. 

Introducing the Beast Refillable Hand Wash Bottle. Unlike the original Beast Bottle, (a 1-liter, aluminum pump bottle perfecto for your shower), the Hand Wash Bottle holds 16 oz. and fits nicely on your sink. The black matte glass surface features a small, subtle Beast icon to let your guests know you are a person who is not to be trifled with.

Refillable Hand Wash Bottle with Pump Top

We don't actually care much about status symbols, but we do think this is a pretty neat little bottle. Fill your Hand Wash Bottle with Beast Everyone Wash or whatever hand soap, lotion or hand sanitizer suits your fancy.