Happy Earth Day, Beasts!

April 22 is Earth Day, but at Beast Brands, we're all about reduce * reuse * recycle every dang day. As members of 1% for the Planet, we happily donate 1% of our sales to organizations that help protect the environment. Here's what else we're doing to protect our planet, and why you can feel great about treating your skin and hair to the good stuff.


For 2021, Beast is hitting a huge goal: We're slashing the amount of plastic used in our packaging by 50%. How? By switching from plastic bottles to refill pouches. Compared to traditional plastic bottles, pouches use about 80% less plastic, energy and water

We did a ton of research before we switched over to pouches. One of the most convincing studies we read found that pouches have one-seventh the environmental impact of plastic bottles holding an equal amount of product—even when plastic bottles were recycled 80% of the time. The key is using less plastic to begin with.

Plastic Reduction Goal


To go with those handy pouches, we're proud to sell Beast Bottles that can be reused pretty much until the heat death of the universe. Choose a 1-liter aluminum big boy to hold 6 months' worth of shampoo or body wash, a 16-oz. aluminum pump bottle for space savings, or a tiny, 2-oz aluminum bottle that's perfect for travel or for tying to the back of your guinea pigs' car when they get married. There's also the slick-as-heck hand soap bottle, a black matte glass pump bottle that commands a place of honor at any sink. 

And get creative with those cool candle holders once your Beast Candles have finally burned down. With a subtle Beast silhouette against white or black matte glass, candle holders can be repurposed as planters, pen/pencil holders, toothbrush holders, cocktail glasses, or even holders for other candles. Let your imagination run away with you.

Reuse Your Beast Candle Holder


We're proud to use SFI-certified boxes. That means we're doing our part to fight deforestation by making our boxes out of recycled content, using fiber from a certified forest, or following the strict standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which encourages responsible forestry practices.

Read more about how Beast builds sustainability into all of our choices. And on Earth Day, do something to keep this sweet, mid-sized planet healthy.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified