How Green is Beast? FAQs

Here's one benefit of buying from an independently owned company. You've told us that in addition to wanting bath and body products that make you look, feel and smell amazing, you care about protecting the environment. We happen to like living on this planet, too. So over the last few years we've gotten more and more aggressive about finding earth-friendly solutions for our packaging. 

And it didn't take a board of directors agreeing; we didn't need shareholders to approve a move towards more sustainable practices. We just decided to find a way to do it, and then we did it. 

Why is the Beast Bottle better for the environment?

It’s reusable, it’s made from aluminum so it’s infinitely recyclable, and it looks cool.

Are the refill pouches made of plastic?

Currently, they are made from plastic. However, it’s meaningfully less plastic than the average bottle on the shelf today. And that combined with our Beast Bottle saves much more water and energy over time as well.

Are the refill pouches recyclable?

It totally depends on where you live. In some places they are, in some places they aren’t. But most plastic never gets recycled, and the pouches use much less plastic. For us, this was the first step in our journey to become a plastic-free company.

Why not paper or cardboard?

The technology is not quite there and readily available yet for a product like that in the shower. Our first step was reducing the amount of plastic we’re using. And then the next step, coming soon, is cardboard products for the shower.

Will all products be available in refills?

Yes, over time, as we also work with our goal to be plastic free.