Keep the Beast in Beastmas with a Roaring Gift Box

Put a “Roar!” In your “Ho ho ho!”

Add a friendly roar to your Beast gifts! Opt in to have our light-activated Beast Chip added to the box your purchases arrive in. Or, choose our gift wrap service and a Beast chip will automatically be included. 

Once gift giving is over, the Beast Chip has a plethora of clever uses:

  • Put it in your desk drawer. Open it when you need to intimidate your rivals or gain the upper hand in a tough negotiation.
  • Keep it in your wallet to make the tipping/bribing experience extra special.
  • Place it in your entryway to welcome you home or unsettle burglars.
  • Attach it to your bathroom mirror to serve as a morning affirmation.
  • Leave it on your running shoes/workout gear to wake the Beast on those cold, dark mornings when you’d rather do anything but train.
  • Put it on your underwear before a date to add sizzle to the big reveal.

The possibilities are endless. Where do you need a roar?

Get Roar