Introducing Our Newest Beast: Ass-Kicker Kelley O’Hara

There’s a new Beast in town, and she happens to be a World Cup champion. Kelley O’Hara took the world by storm in 2019 as a defender on the winning U.S. women’s soccer team. Her talent, tenacity and sheer beastliness helped the U.S. team beat, well, everybody.

Now she’s joining Team Beast as our VP of Brand Engagement & Product Strategy. This isn’t your basic celeb endorsement—Kelley is a stakeholder in Beast Brands, Inc. who has input on key company decisions, with a focus on marketing, branding and product development.

With her drive, brains (she went to Stanford, after all) and commitment to earth-friendly ingredients—we’re roaring with excitement to welcome Kelley to the Beast Pack!