Need Holiday Gift Ideas? We Got You.

As we head into the final innings of this truly weird, hard year, it feels more urgent than ever to let the people we love know that we love them.

Beast has the two-word answer for most of your 2020 gift-giving: Self. Care. Everybody needs to feel extra loved-up this year. Medical professionals, service workers, people staying at home with or without kids climbing the walls—a good soak in the tub with an energizing shampoo or a pleasantly scrubby bar soap can make a huge difference. 

Happy Holidays, You Beasts

Take a look at our top 5 gift picks below, and place your order by December 17 (no later than noon central time, if we're being super specific) to make sure it gets to you—or your lucky giftee—by Christmas. 

1. The Easy Gift Set

This set is perfect for the work-from-home parent who's trying to do everything for everyone. It starts with our infinitely refillable aluminum Beast Bottle and adds the 16 oz. Wash for Everyone, a gentle hair and body wash that will leave the whole family smelling lightly citrusy from head to toe. It also comes with the Soap for Everyone bar soap, a richly lathering soap for your sink or tub that bestows the same light, springy scent as Wash for Everyone.

 2. The Bathroom Elevation Set

Make someone's hand-washing routine a delightful sensory experience. The matte black glass Hand Wash Bottle comes with a refill of our crowd-pleasing Wash for Everyone. Our clean-burning, long-lasting, coconut wax Beast Candle features notes of fresh greens and oak moss. Like the Hand Wash Bottle, the matching matte black glass candle container features a tiny Beast icon for good luck.

3. Make Your Own Gift Set 

Try our fancy Customizer tool to pair the aluminum Beast Bottle or glass Hand Wash Bottle with the refill of your choice. Whether you fill it with Tingle Shampoo, Yawp Wash or hot caramel sauce (who are we to judge), the end result is a classy, polished look. Click here to find out why it's also an earth-friendly choice.

4. Best of Beast Box: Stay Smooth or Get Rough

Get this selection of full-sized Beast favorites for someone in your life who needs energizing. They'll get:

5. The Budget Gift Set

Shop our Sale Page and save up to 50% on Beast classics. Nobody will know you saved mucho dinero. Add some extra swagger with a Roaring Box—it literally roars when your recipient opens it.