Q & Jay: 10 Questions (Plus a Speed Round) with Jay Wilkison

Jay! You’ve been Beast’s spokesman for several years, but Beast fans may not know that you’re also the VP of Brand Strategy & Development. Tell us about your work for Beast.

We are a small team here at Beast. I do a little bit of everything from brand strategy and customer support to changing light bulbs and cleaning gutters. I love it that way. We do try to divide and conquer where we can, but like most of us, we flourish together.

Team Beast

I love figuring out new ways to move the brand forward but maintain the fun, we're-all-in-this-together energy we've tried to create with Beast. We already know the products are awesome, but that's just part of the battle. We continue our desire to be a brand for everyone. We like to say, "Beast better for yourself, for other Beasts and for the planet."

Is it true that you met John, Beast’s founder and CEO, in the shower?

Yes! We had been introduced through a mutual friend to develop some video content together, so for one of our first commercials, I hopped in the shower to lather up with some tingly Yawp Body Wash. We immediately hit it off and magic happened. Bells started ringing, it started snowing outside (in summer) and a symphony started playing...

That may be embellished a bit, but it was a little like magic. We have a great time together, we balance each other very well and are extremely excited about the next steps for Beast.

You started with Beast as an actor. What made you want to join the company full time?

Jay Wilkison Tame the Beast

I was very fortunate for a lot of years to call acting my full-time gig. Like most people, I've always had other interests as well. For me, it's branding, marketing, people and the environment. I've been fascinated with brands that can make a wonderful product and are conscious of the environment and humans. Inclusion and support. In my acting years, I was very fortunate to get to perform in Rent on Broadway. It's a show about love, support and inclusion. I have tried to maintain that in my life and my work.

During your time at Beast, the company has embraced a gender-inclusive philosophy and really ramped up the emphasis on earth-friendly practices. What's next for Beast?

John and I have always wanted Beast to be an all-inclusive consumer brand, open to Beasts of all kinds.

It started as a men's brand, because it made the most sense at the time, being that John's a man. We started to discuss opening the brand to everyone. There are a lot of men, women and children on this planet who can make a huge difference together, for each other and the environment.

Everyone should be able to use wonderful, premium products, with natural ingredients that are better for their skin and the planet. We're on a mission here at Beast to keep reducing the amount of plastics used. It's a process, and we have some exciting ideas planned. Stay tuned!

In your commercials for Beast, you’ve done a great job embodying the brand’s friendly attitude and sense of humor. Where can fans see your other acting work?

Ha! I'll never tell. Though I'm not hard to find. [Note from the Editor: Jay's very coy, so here's a link to his IMDB page.]

If you could portray any real person—living or dead—in a movie about their life, who would it be?

Oh goodness, this is a tough one. I would have said Freddie Mercury, but too late—Rami Malek got there first and nailed it.

What Beast products are in your shower at home?

In my shower now, I have Everyone Wash, Sandpaper Scrub Soap and our Exfoliating Face Wash. I also have some new product samples I am very excited about us putting into production. Those are secrets though. After the shower, I use our Hand & Body Lotion and Face Serum

In some spots for Beast, fans can see you nailing some difficult yoga moves. Are you an avid practitioner? What else do you do to stay in shape?

Haha! I am not an avid yogi.I play a lot of soccer, go to the gym and walk our dogs. I have two kids, so they keep me pretty busy too.

Jay Wilkison Yoga Tame the Beast

What makes you a Beast?

I am a Beast because I am raising two children with my amazing wife. We are teaching them that love, respect, inclusion and understanding are what matters most.

Ok: Speed round. Ready?

I'm not scared of you.

Favorite color?


Favorite band?

The National.

Favorite food?


... Noodles?

Yes. Noodles. Any kind. I love 'em all.

Favorite sport? 

Soccer, though I love sports of any kind.

Favorite poet? 

It's a tie between Pablo Neruda and Wendell Berry. 

You're more decisive about poetry than you are about sports or undifferentiated noodles. 

I've got my priorities.