Real Testemonials About Nutt Butter™

Real reviews by real men about TAME the BEAST® Nutt Butter™ read by Jay:

"Gentlemen. This evening, we’ll hear the words of men who have taken their wellbeing into their own hands. Men who have chosen to trade hot and wrinkly for cool and supple. Men who smell great, right where they're the most manly. We present to you: Real Testemonials about Nutt Butter™ from TAME the BEAST®"

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Loving all the Tame the Beast products… and Jay could sell me just about anything. 😏. Keep ‘em coming, fellas!


Enjoy reading all the above-posted comments (esp. from AL3.3). Funny thing is…..I agree with HIM and the rest of the guys as well.
Perhaps, TAME the BEAST needs to consider developing a ‘guy-product’ for those special “time-alone-moments” for when, you know, you gotta take things into your own hands and occasionally do whatta guy does when he’s lonesome and needs to relieve his ‘pent-up’ stress. Know what I mean? Yeah, I think you do! A lubricant designed for applying to “the bat” to take growling-like-a-BEAST to a new level. (Sorry if I’m being a bit overt, but I think you got the picture, dude’s). Thanks for providing the arousing, beastly products that make us proud to be MEN! (PLEASE…..DO NOT publicly display my e-mail address).

Al j.j.

Got the nutt butter extreme and love the feeling, the smell, and my balls love the tingling sensation. Why not the bat, the butt, and now I am hooked. The only problem is that it’s not taming me but making me growl like a beast wanting more…..more…more.

Timm Savage

I want some!

Horacio Arellano

I don’t trust a man who wears a I Watch.


This product is absolutely awesome!!! The feel, the way it absorbs and the masculine smell is the best. Love the way it makes the sac smooth and soft. I use it on the penis as welll!!!!!

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