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Why should you care about the Beast Jersey?

Beast® is a brand for you and all Beasts. The enjoyment of sports is for all people. When we decided to launch this jersey, we wanted to bring Beast and sports together by partnering with the Over Under Initiative, an amazing organization helping to expand health, wellness and, of course – ACCESS TO SPORTS – by building multi-sport courts at no cost to the community. Plus, it gave us the opportunity to design a brand new, awesome Beast® Collector's Edition Jersey! We are so proud of this partnership and need your help to get it further down the road and launch a court right here in Nashville.

I hope you'll help support the project and snag yourself a limited-edition Beast x OUI Jersey before they’re gone.

Jay, Team Beast

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P.S. On a more personal note, soccer is my favorite sport. I think it is the most wonderful game that any human can play and enjoy. It has brought endless joy to my life, and I hope to keep helping with its growth in the U.S. A. What sport is your favorite? Tag us on Instagram and tell us what you love and why!