The Difference Between Body Scrub and Exfoliating Face Wash

A lot of Beast products are multipurpose. It’s a body wash! It’s a scalp massager! It’s a dessert topping! Many of you like the simplicity of just having one really good product in the shower and using it for everything (especially when it’s contained by this sexy beast).

When it comes to exfoliating your face, though, it pays to specialize. Yawp Exfoliating Face Wash is made with ginseng, caffeine and peppermint oil to wake you the eff up. It uses natural jojoba beads that dissolve and release moisture as you scrub—not those nasty plastic microbeads that end up in the ocean.

An appropriately gentle facial scrub will kindly yet firmly evict the dead skin cells that have been squatting on your face. Body scrub, in comparison, uses heightened levels of grittier, often larger chunks to wrassle with the tougher skin and calluses on less sensitive body parts.

Our Sandpaper Scrub Bar and new Exfoliating Body Scrub contain a healthy dose of natural lava rock, which feels amazing on feet, butt and back—to name a few—but is likely too rough (and in the case of the body scrub, too tingly) to be a great idea for that sweet face of yours.

Shake things up with fresher, softer, more energized skin.

P.S. Check out the new packaging arriving soon: