What’s the Deal with Beast Blue?

What’s the Deal with Beast Blue?

If you’ve been a fan of Tame the Beast® since the beginning, we probably won you over with the tingly, green eucalyptus-and-menthol scent in products like Extreme Yawp Body Wash or Nutt Butter. (Thank you for entrusting us with your most tender of vittles!)

But maybe you’ve been curious about some Beast Blue™ offerings that have popped up more recently. Hey—it’s ok to experiment. What’s more, Beast Blue—with notes of juniper, citrus, eucalyptus and a hint of Musk of the Beast—meshes so well with our original scent that you really don’t have to choose between one and the other.

Beaset Blue

We call Beast Blue “the scent you can feel” because of its cool, crisp tingle. It’s like jumping into a cool shower after a hard workout. Like diving into raw glacier waters. Like sticking your whole head into the convenience store popsicle freezer on a sweltering summer day. (You know you want to.)

Try our richly lathering natural Bar Soap, for starters. We combine organic palm oil (Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and sourced from the #1 sustainable provider), coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil to produce this gentle, hydrating formula, that’s oh so smooth and adored by bruisers and tender beasts alike. 

Turn up the dial with Sandpaper Bar Soap, which incorporates heightened levels of natural lava rock into our original Bar Soap formula to deliver an intense exfoliating experience.

Add Beast's Medium Hold Hair Gel with green tea, aloe, hemp oil and just a touch—of course—of Beast Blue scent for a sexy mane.

Include Beast Body Spray in your going-out routine for a subtle waft of clean masculinity that will cause admirers to follow you around with little heart eyes. Like Pepe Le Pew, but consensual.

When it gets hot and sticky out, powder your biscuits with the talc-free Beast Blue Ball & Body Powder for relief from the batwing.

Want your shoes, locker and gym bag to smell like balls? You will once you get a whiff of Beast Balls, deodorizing balls that take the funk out of small spaces.

What about a kit that combines the best of Blue and Original Scent? Get the Best of Beast set, featuring full-sized versions of some of our bestsellers.

Best of Beast Men's Grooming Gift Set

And keep an eye out for our newest Beast Blue products: Nutt Butter Blue and Cooling Body Wash.

 Nutt Butter Blue Anti-Chafing and Cooling Lotion for Thighs and Inner Legs

Try any of these products and you’ll be saying,

“You’re my boy, Blue!

...you're my boy."

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Beast Blue is the scent you can feel