Your mom's a Beast. (We mean that as a compliment.)

Moms deserve the dang best. So it's a pretty cool coincidence that Beast Brands happens to be certified mom-delighters. Check out these ideas for Mother's Day presents. She may even let you borrow some for yourself, because she's a softie:

1. Beast Box for Everyone: This is our biggest and best collection, with some of our most popular premium products: 

  • Beast Bottle Liter Size (with pump and cap)
  • Beast Bottle Travel Size (with cap)
  • Beast Bottle Refill Pouch 1L (Everyone Wash)
  • Charcoal Face Mask 
  • Tame the Beast Sandpaper Scrub Bar Soap
  • Beast Lip Balm (peppermint)
  • Beast Black Candle
  • a box that roars when you open it.

2. Mama didn't raise no fools. Get her a Beast Bottle with Everyone Wash and show her you understand the importance of cutting down on plastic, saving money, and still looking and smelling great.

3. For the mom who's always got too much on her plate (and we've literally never met one who doesn't), gift her this trio of caffeinated shower products:

4. The Best of Beast Set contains full-sized favorites at an amazing price:

5. Every mom's face has been painfully bonked by a flailing toddler head at some point. Time to undo the damage: