New Cooling Nutt Butter with Beast Blue Scent

Introducing Nutt Butter with Beast Blue

Experience the new cooling, anti-chafing lotion for the “boys” that will banish bat wing and make you feel refreshed where the sun don’t shine.

The newest entry in our Nutt Butter™ line features our signature Beast Blue™ scent and a bit more tingle than Original Nutt Butter (but not quite as much intensity as Extreme Nutt Butter).

Nutt Butter Blue goes on as a soothing cream and dries quickly to feel like a silky-smooth powder without annoying residue. With a skin-friendly ingredient list that includes oats, tapioca, corn starch, aloe and vitamin E, Blue prevents excess wetness but retains just enough natural moisture to keep things smooth, but not sticky.

Nutt Butter Blue: Putting the “oi!” back in “groin” since 2019.

Also feels great on inner thighs and other high-friction areas.

What’s not in it: talc, aluminum, parabens or animal cruelty. Produced in the U.S.A.

Its blue balls, without the blues. Heyooo!