You're Smellcome: A Handy Guide to Our Scents

At Tame the Beast, we're known for our innovative scents. Tingly, green, invigorating, botanically sourced scents that wake you up and make you want to sniff yourself. But as we've expanded our repertoire of eaus, we realize we may have made it slightly more difficult to choose your favorite.

With that in mind, read on for a primer on Beast's bestsmellers.


eucalyptus + menthol + moringa + green tea + apple + guarana + grapefruit +  orange + lemon + pomegranate + rosemary + sunflower + shea butter + sugarcane + lavender + mountaintop + animal roar + treetop breeze

Best choice for: Haka performers, staring contest winners

Beast Blue

juniper + citrus + eucalyptus + arctic ice + a hint of Musk of the Beast

Take a deep dive into Beast Blue here

Best choice for: People who plan their outfits the night before, Enneagram 8s

Beast Black

fresh greens + lemon zest + herbs + matcha tea + lavender + peppercorn + wood+ oakmoss + musk + hint of just-burnt tobacco leaves

Best choice for: Dog appreciators, people who are nice to waitresses


light citrusness + apple + green tea + orange + guarana + lemon + comfrey + ginseng + sugarcane + grapefruit + honey

Best for: The person in the coffee shop that you ask to watch your laptop while you go to the bathroom, front-seat-of-the-roller-coaster sitters

Beast Musk #47

marine accord + fresh herbs + lemon + orange + jasmine + violet + dewy rose + cedarleaf + clove bud + amber + musk + patchouli + smooth sandalwood cologne 

Best for: illegal mattress tag ripper offers, elevator door-open button pushers 

Very Light Shea Buttery 

organic aloe + radish root + willow bark + comfrey + green tea + chamomile + ginseng + shea + cocoa + mango + rosemary + lavender + eucalyptus + orange peel

Best for: sincere compliment givers, world champion soccer defenders


oxygen + the color white + the idea of a clean, fluffy towel

Best for: ninjas, assassins

Since all of our scents play well together, there's no tough choice to make here. Only happy combinations.

What's your favorite Beast scent? What scent would you like to see us roll out? Let us know.